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The CRUEL WARRIOR BUILDER HOME PACK is the ultimate home setup. With a huge variety of exercises to choose from, and the possibility to load up with incredible weight, there will be no excuse not to build your ultimate physique.

At TrainingZone we aim to make the best fitness equipment for home and commercial gyms. This Package is designed to get you everything you need to start training at home and get the best results with this all in one machine. Build muscle, burn fat and tone your body in the comfort of your home.

Locking Olympic Barbell Collars made for a quick plate change, they are durable and perfect for all Olympic barbells to keep your plates from moving. 

Black Olympic Bumper Plate. Quality rubber Olympic bumper plates with steel inserts. These bumpers are formulated for their durability, density, and a low bounce with high-quality virgin rubber.

Olympic Chrome Barbell Brand new weight lifting barbell bar of Olympic standard Ideal for use in home, gym or for professionals, light commercial use etc Great for muscle exercise, bone health, muscularity building etc.  A nice lifting bar for arm exercises such as curls, biceps/tricep extensions, wrist curls, etc and practice overhead, wide grip, movements, like the snatch. 

- Heavy duty metal construction coated with anti-rust chrome finish.
- Diamond knurled surface for a secure grip for every lift.
- Designed to be balanced and long-lasting.

45 Degree Leg Press

  • Unilateral and Bilateral leg press
  • Two seperate footplate carriages can be locked together
  • Back pad and seat adjust to all size users


  • 2x Locking Olympic Barbell Collars.
  • 2x 5kg Black Olympic Bumper Plate.
  • 2x 10kg Black Olympic Bumper Plate.
  • 2x 15kg Black Olympic Bumper Plate.
  • 2x 20kg Black Olympic Bumper Plate.
  • 2x 25kg Black Olympic Bumper Plate.
  • Olympic Chrome Barbell
  • 45 Degree Leg Press

IMPORTANT: Please take note that we require full payment on the total order amount before we ship the item over to you. We will send you an email to request for the full amount to be paid.
2x Locking Olympic Barbell Collars. 2x 5kg Black Olympic Bumper Plate. 2x 10kg Black Olympic Bumper Plate. 2x 15kg Black Olympic Bumper Plate. 2x 20kg Black Olympic Bumper Plate. 2x 25kg Black Olympic Bumper Plate. Olympic Chrome Barbell 45 Degree Leg Press