Functional 4ft Power Rack

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Key Features

Laser Cut Westside Hole Spacing

The Force USA Functional 4ft Power Rack comes with 28 adjustment points and 25mm westside hole spacing on the front and back uprights so you can make faster and more accurate adjustments for your J-Hooks and Box Safeties.


Deluxe Heavy-Duty J-Hooks

The thick, extra-strong nylon coated J-Hooks are designed to protect your barbell, minimise the risk of rusting, while also reducing noise when dropping the bar.


Included Attachments

The Force USA Functional 4ft Power Rack includes a 4ft Single Monkey Bar for extra stability, 1x pair of high-quality box safeties, 1x pair of front safeties (spotting arms) for quick, easy use and 1x pair of deluxe J-hooks. Many of these features are added extras on other power racks but come included with this power rack.


Durable Powder Coating

You can rest assured that the tough, high-quality steel construction will stay stable even through the most intensive exercises. The heavy gauge structured rolled steel tubing is coated in eco-friendly premium commercial grade powder, followed by an extremely durable clear coating with anti-rust protection.