Calf Block

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Get the most out of your Calf Raise exercises by using the Force USA Calf Block. Perform standing bodyweight calf raises or use with dumbbells. Position the Calf Block underneath your Smith Machine bar and load up the weight plates. Place the FORCE USA Calf Block in front of your bench and perform seated calf raises by placing a bar or dumbbells on your knees. It’s NOT just for Calf Raises. Place your heels on the FORCE USA Calf Block and add a variation to your regular squat or use the FORCE USA Calf Block to better position your feet whilst performing a Bench Press.

Solid, compact and effective, the Force USA Calf Block (CALFBLK) is strong enough for gym use and great for home use. Featuring SteelForce™ Structural Integrity and heavy-duty, the Force USA Calf Block is built to take a pounding. The "Class A" rating Force USA Calf Block comes with a Lifetime Structural Warranty. Force USA Calf Block is unmatched in its class and will give you solid and in