Pro Grade Coloured Bumper Plates (Sold individually)

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The Force USA Pro Grade Bumper Plate is a high quality, heavy-duty, resilient and accurate bumper weight plate without the hefty price tag. Every bumper plate is designed to IWF standards with a 450mm plate diameter and 50.4mm insert across the range (Olympic sizing). Technological advancement has given this range of bumper plates a higher density which has minimised the bounce and tightened the width over competitive ranges so you can fit more weight on the bar.

Each Pro Grade Bumper Plate has a smooth surface finish and coloured per size to match IWF standard.

  • 10kg is Green and is 4.5cm wide
  • 15kg is Yellow and is 5.5cm wide
  • 20kg is Blue and is 7cm wide
  • 25kg is Red and is 8cm wide

Force USA's special attention to design has once again made a high end product accessible to all.

  • F-PGB10C Force USA Pro Grade Bumper Plates 10kg - Green
  • F-PGB15C Force USA Pro Grade Bumper Plates 15kg - Yellow
  • F-PGB20C Force USA Pro Grade Bumper Plates 20kg - Blue
  • F-PGB25C Force USA Pro Grade Bumper Plates 25kg - Red